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Get Wealthy Through Property

Did you know that over 80% of millionaires in Australia made the majority of their wealth through property?

Most people spend their whole lives working and never really get ahead; property is one of those things that actually returns on funds invested.

Let the property and mortgage experts at Zanda Wealth help you invest correctly in property.

“Investing into the property market was something we had never thought about doing. It all seemed way too hard. After a quick chat with Zanda Wealth we had our head around the concept and our finances in place. Best conversation we ever had.”

Chad & Renae
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Property Research

Not all properties are created equally. The property market is currently bursting with opportunity, however this doesn’t mean you can buy any investment property and expect a decent return. A poorly researched property can end up costing you thousands. Want to know which suburbs are the next hot spots? Or which suburbs have the highest growth and rental returns?

Let Zanda Wealth’s research team show you what’s hot and what’s not.

Investment Into Property

A Few Thoughts About Property Investment…

Property Investment Is Easy

Your investment property is a home for someone. That person who calls it their home is your tenant. The tenant pays rent, which in turn pays for the property for you.

The property gains value over the years and hence because you own the property you become wealthier.

The End.

Get Great Tenants and Keep Them

You can have the most amazing investment property, however if you can’t get tenants the investment quickly turns ugly. Many people fall into this trap when investing; the key is to find areas where there aren’t enough properties available, hence creating competition and demand amongst renters to get in to your property. This is a large part of our Zanda Wealth research process. We also have trusted property managers that offer a no-frills service to get the right tenants in for you.

You Need a Property Investment Coach

Property Investment is super simple; if you know what to look for. So why is it that so many people get it so wrong? Because they didn’t have the guidance they needed. To get it right, you need a property coach like Zanda Wealth to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes that many others have made before in property investment. We help you invest in the right property so you can watch the wealth roll in.

Save Thousands In Tax Dollars Each Year

No one likes to see his or her hard-earned dollars going to the taxman. Little do most people know, there are thousands of dollars in tax money that can be saved each year by investing wisely in property. Let Zanda Wealth educate you on what tax savings you are entitled to.

A Client’s Experience In Property Investment With Us…

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have time to invest in property

This is exactly why we are in business. Let’s face it, everyone is busy and that is where we fit in. We do all of the legwork and research on the property market and individual properties for you so that you can keep living your life as per normal. All of our clients are busy people yet they are now all successful property investors because of our assistance.

I can’t afford to invest in property

It’s easy to afford to pay for something that doesn’t cost you anything. Many people think that investing in property is going to cost an arm and a leg, however if done correctly this is not the case. Our Zanda Wealth research team finds properties where the income generated by the property is enough to pay for everything, including all of the bills. Let Zanda Wealth show you how.

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