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Utilise our Stamp Duty Calculator to accurately estimate the costs associated with purchasing property in Victoria (VIC). This essential tool helps you grasp the financial impact of stamp duty, enabling you to budget effectively and prevent unexpected expenses during your property purchase. By entering key details such as property value and buyer status, you can gain a clear understanding of your financial obligations. 

What is Stamp Duty in VIC?

Stamp duty in Victoria (VIC), also known as land transfer duty, is a state government tax imposed on buyers when acquiring property and other personal or business assets like vehicles. This tax is always paid by the buyer. The amount of stamp duty is calculated as a percentage of the property’s value. Victoria generally has higher stamp duty rates compared to other states and territories.

Different rates apply to principal places of residence and investment properties, with various concessions and exemptions available for first-home buyers and eligible pensioners. Understanding these details is crucial for budgeting and planning your property purchase in VIC.

Our Stamp Duty Calculator

How Stamp Duty Affects Your Property Purchase in VIC

Stamp duty is a significant additional cost that can affect the overall affordability of your property purchase in Victoria. Here are the key points to consider:

  • Additional Financial Burden: Stamp duty is an extra cost on top of your property price and deposit, which must be paid upfront within 30 days of settlement.
  • Impact on Affordability: The amount of stamp duty can influence the type of property you can afford, as it adds to the overall purchase cost.
  • Loan Considerations: Stamp duty is not typically included in your home loan amount, so you need to save for it separately or ask your lender to increase your loan amount, which will affect your repayments.
  • First-Home Buyers: While first-home buyers can benefit from exemptions and concessions, understanding the specific eligibility criteria and benefits is essential.
  • Investment Properties: The stamp duty rate for investment properties may differ from owner-occupied properties, impacting your investment returns.
  • Planning and Budgeting: Accurate calculation of stamp duty helps in effective budgeting and avoids unexpected financial strain during the property purchase process.

Exemptions and Concessions on Stamp Duty in VIC

In Victoria, several exemptions and concessions can significantly reduce the amount of stamp duty payable, making property purchases more affordable. These benefits are designed to assist various types of buyers, including first-home buyers and pensioners. Understanding these exemptions and concessions can help you take full advantage of available savings:

  • First-Home Buyer Exemption and Concession: First-home buyers purchasing a property valued up to $600,000 may be eligible for a full exemption from stamp duty. For properties valued between $600,001 and $750,000, a concession is available on a sliding scale. To qualify, first-home buyers must live in the property for at least 12 months continuously.
  • Off-the-Plan Concession: A concession is available for buyers purchasing off-the-plan properties. This applies to new homes and substantially renovated homes. The dutiable value is calculated based on the contract price minus the cost of construction or renovation after the contract date.
  • Principal Place of Residence (PPR) Concession: Buyers purchasing a property as their principal place of residence (PPR) valued up to $550,000 may be eligible for a concessional stamp duty rate. The property must be used as the buyer’s primary home for at least 12 months.
  • Pensioner Concession: Eligible pensioners buying a property valued up to $330,000 can receive a full exemption from stamp duty. For properties valued between $330,001 and $750,000, a concessional rate applies. The property must be used as the buyer’s principal place of residence.
  • Family Farm Exemption: Transfers of farming properties between family members can be exempt from stamp duty. This exemption is designed to help families maintain agricultural businesses across generations.
  • Spouse or Partner Transfer Exemption: Transfers of property between spouses or domestic partners are generally exempt from stamp duty, provided the property is the principal place of residence.
  • Young Farmer Exemption and Concession: Young farmers under the age of 35 purchasing their first farmland property valued up to $600,000 may be eligible for an exemption. For properties valued between $600,001 and $750,000, a concessional rate applies.

First Home Buyer Exemptions and Concessions

First-home buyers in VIC can benefit from significant stamp duty concessions and exemptions, making it easier to enter the property market:


Full Exemption: First-home buyers purchasing a home valued up to $600,000 are exempt from paying stamp duty.


Partial Concession: Concessions apply to homes valued between $600,001 and $750,000, reducing the stamp duty payable.


$10,000 First-Home Owner Grant: In addition to stamp duty concessions, first-home buyers may be eligible for a $10,000 grant to further reduce the cost of buying a new home.


Eligibility Criteria: Benefits are subject to conditions such as the value of the property and whether it’s a new or existing dwelling. First-home buyers must also reside in their property for a continuous period of 12 months from settlement.

Stamp Duty Rates Table

The following table outlines the general stamp duty rates in Victoria based on the property’s value:

Property Value Stamp Duty Payable
$0 – $25,000 1.4% of the property value
$25,001 – $130,000 $350, plus 2.4% of the property value above $25,000
$130,001 – $960,000 $2,870, plus 6% of the property value above $130,000
$960,001 – $2,000,000 5.5% of the property value
$2,000,001+ $110,000, plus 6.5% of the property value above $2,000,000

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