About Us

We are a boutique mortgage firm based in Adelaide. Professional, customer focused and passionate are key elements that continue to make Zanda Wealth one of Adelaide successful mortgage businesses. This is evidenced in the high-quality referrals and repeat client business we continually receive. Our aim is to help clients achieve financial stability.

Business Begins

Zanda Wealth Mortgage Brokers was first started in 2014 as an independent property investment firm alongside its sibling, Zanda Finance, which was started in 2006. From then to now Zanda Wealth has assisted many clients in acquiring finance to suit their individual circumstances and attain their financial goals.

Business Booms

Following hard work and elbow grease Zanda Wealth is proud to say we have now helped hundreds of clients to successfully invest in property and have saved our mortgage clients heaps of dollars in repayments. Upwards and onwards, Team Zanda!

What We’re All About

At our core, we still love working with everyday people and helping them improve their day-to-day lives.

Our job is to help normal people get ahead of the rat race via property investment and paying their mortgage debts off.

Zanda Wealth Mortgage Brokers can assist you with mortgage broking, planning for the future and creating long-term wealth through property investment.

How We Do Business

Mortgages and property investment are simple and once you know the tricks of the trade, it’s easy. We are here to provide a high calibre service to our clients and give them that little bit extra. People also find our realistic and no nonsense approach refreshing. We attribute these factors to the exponential growth we have experienced.

Realistic Approach

We love property yet understandably there are some weak points to property as there is with anything. We don’t talk nonsense about anything that we present to our clients. People need to be informed when making a decision to invest with us and we take this very seriously.

We Educate You

We take our clients through an education process so that they are the ones making the decision. We are the experts in property and mortgages and we want our clients to understand everything that they are doing and deciding on. We see our expertise as a responsibility to act as educators.

We Have a History Of Success


Founded in 2006

Saved Heaps in Mortgage Repayments

Leading Lending Partners

Exceptionally Satisfied Repeat Clients

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