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Zanda Wealth Mortgage Brokers are proud to say we have now saved our mortgage clients over $100 million dollars in home loan repayments. See what we can do for you…

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We Specialise In Mortgage Broking & Wealth Creation Through Property Investment

  • Guaranteed Lowest Mortgage rates in Australia
  • We have generated real and life changing wealth for hundreds of clients through property investment
  • We have helped thousands of clients enter the property market
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We offer a range of home loan and property services in Adelaide depending what kind of mortgage you are looking for, including;


Lowest Mortgage Rates In History

The lowest home loan mortgage interest rates are on offer right now.

With fixed loans leading the way, there has never been a better opportunity for you to get the best rate for your mortgage loan.


Current Lowest Home Loan Rate

  • 2016-2017 5.6% 5.6%
  • 2017-2018 4.8% 4.8%
  • 2018-2019 4.2% 4.2%
  • 2019-2020 2.3% 2.3%
  • 2020-2021 1.89% 1.89%
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We Are Not a Middle-Man

What people don’t realise is that the branch is not the bank. The branch is a sales centre for the bank.

Generally the bank will have a central processing unit that services all of the mortgages that come through from the branches.

When Zanda Wealth organises a loan we are like a branch that can act as any bank in Australia.

There is nothing that a bank manager or lending manager can do that we can’t; in fact it’s quite the opposite for we can find better deals than the branches can with their own banks.

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Don’t Let Banks Take Advantage Of You

You need to be on top of your mortgage situation otherwise you will pay the price; this could be extending your loan term by multiple years and paying more than you are required to the banks.

At Zanda Wealth we deal with all of the banks, lenders and credit unions, including your current bank, comparing thousands of deals and options to make sure you end up with the best possible deal.

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